Sunday, January 30, 2022

Buyers Remorse

My favorite President ❤️🇺🇸

If President Trump were in the White House, none of the awful things would be happening in our country.

Our border wall would be finished and our border would be secure, no illegals flown all over the country in the dark of night.

Inflation wouldn’t be rising because our economy would be stable and our critical supply chain would be flowing.

Parents would have school choice and CRT would be totally eliminated.

Biological boys/men would not be destroying girls and women’s sports and privacy rights.

Covid would be under control and there would be no mandates for vaccines or masks, especially our children. 

President Trump would never allow people to get fired or discriminated against bc of covid vaccines.

America would be GREAT


Are You Certified?Are You Certified?

Blockbuster! Unbelievable:

John Hopkins Doctor Reveals $81billion spent by 31,000 employees of CDC and NIH on covid but no studies or even questions asked about natural immunity, despite the fact Israel studies find NI 27x more effective than  vaccines on wiping out covid 

Fauci's Replacement > #fauci #carlin #covid

A good quote to put out during your next debate:
When  it comes To truth Chico Marx had it right , 'who you gonna believe me or your own eyes.'

-Why is it that the news media labels some conservatives as 'right wingers ' but doesn't call any liberals 'Left wingers?'

Biden the color counter demanding a black woman for next sc justice. Now, again, 60 years since the comprehensive 1964 Civil rights legislation, it's all about skin color.  Even though blacks are only 7% of population , there are also other minorities who aren't getting representation. You do have a black justice already but , ooh, yuk,  he's a male and republican. Look what going solely by skin color has wrought - Kamala Harris as vp, chosen also for skin color even after getting only 2%  of vote in primary and first to drop out of presidential race. She's been a disaster. What happened to picking someone for other factors such as ability? Maybe thats why are institutions like education are going  down the toilet. We're sacrificing quality for skin color in many cases. WE, personally were kept out  choice of colleges because we had wrong  skin color: white and that was 50 years ago. We couldn't get a job with the PO  because of skin color. They told this to our face. We believed in affirmative action and still do, i.e. with two similarly qualified people go with the mind ority but they must be well qualified

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