Thursday, June 13, 2013

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Monday, June 10, 2013

EDWARD SNOWDON IS A PATRIOT In Spite of the Patriot Act



            Most of the media are looking at Edward Snowdon, NSA 'leaker' as a traitor.  In truth , he is quite the hero for trying to keep our government from spying on us more and more. Snowdon has exposed the REAL traitor, Obama and his ilk. So much for the Fourth Ammendment.  

             The Obama administration's growing desire  to seize all of our private messages, phone
calls, etc. goes way beyond the pail.  Nixon didn't come close to what Obama appears to have done, potentially going after everyone except those who he should have gone after, ie Muslim terrorists like the Boston bombers. And, of course, there  wasn't  the digital / viral media during the time of Nixon, which makes it all the worse -  and  for our privacy.

           Smart move for Snowdon to go to Hong Kong, where he might have a chance at life. Unlike the Wikilead guy and others, Snowdon appears to have done this for the common good. Sure, on paper giving up government secrets is criminal but what Obama is doing to this country is REALLY criminal. Sometimes one must 'break a law' to expose   REAL TRUTH. . 

           Now, we just need to see our Republican - and Democrat - leaders show a little intestinal fortitude - even a fraction of what Snowdon has done, risking his life - and push for round the clock investigations into NSA and all the other Obama scandals. It's to the point now IMPEACHMENT should be put on the table before Obama makes that final move. Don't kid yourself . They never thought Hitler would do what he did, nor the Argentina govermentment more recently. 

         So, stand up and call your representatives and tell them we need a Select Hearing on the NSA as well as IRS and other Obama issues before it's too late if you value your freedom and liberties as they used to exist. We're all Edward Snowdons. We just haven't done as much about the situation...yet!

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

White House thru VERIZON targeted 121 million phones

VERIZON AD now has a double meaning as White House confirms targeting now of 121 million Verizon phone records including this reporter. until yesterday this was a hidden secret until UKs liberal(!) rag reported the new wiretap to go along with Rosen and AP and other scandals. COMING SOON not three but Obamas Top 10 Scandals!

Why Did Obama Bring Back Susan Rice Back as National Security Advisor?

Why Did Obama Bring Back  Susan Rice Back as National Security Advisor?

     The person who went on five Sunday news shows following the Benghazi terrorist attack
with the excuse that it was because of a video has been promoted by President Obama
to head of national secuirty.  Why in the midst of all the controversary and unanswered
questions about the attack that cost four American lives would Obama hire one of the
central figures in Benghazi?

      As Michelle Malkin says, it's not just a poke in the collective American eye
but a middle finger that Obama is giving us and especially the families of the four
soldiers who died in the raid September 11, 2012 after security  and later
jet fighters denied the chance to save the mens' lives. 

      For Obama,the rationale is
 1) he's telling us that everything is ok, that Susan Rice did a good job
with respect to Benghazi and everything else. (Obama did say as much in his speech
to announce her appointment June 5. She will take over in July for a man who neither 
she got along with nor did the military,
2)  By giving Rice a nice position, Obama shouldn't  have to worry about her saying
anything against the administration , such as how and why and who gave her the 'video' 
talking points .  she probably wouldn't anyway, as she's had eight months to 'own up' about
what happened and defend her position. By not saying anything, Rice is, in effect, saying
'it's ok' even though it wasn't initially HER words. But, by not saying anything, she
is complicit by her silence.
3) furthermore, Rice has NOT had a distinquished track record during her 20 years in 
high administration positions, regardless
of what Obama says  .   She has come under fire more than one other time for neglect.

Re the IRS scandal, many are talking  about getting rid of the whole IRS in favor
of a flat tax or some other less government-intrusive system. When the governing body
can't even come up with receipts to delineate the $4 million spent on a party
in Anaheim, CA nor the $150 million spent on other social functions.    Senator Ted Cruz of
Texas has introduced such a proposal for which you can sign a petition.