Thursday, April 11, 2013

OBAMAS' GREATEST HITS ! (for April) From White House Soul Party to Michelle's 'Single Mother'

SEE OBAMA'S SOUL PARTY, Watch George and Martha Washington walk out of their White 
House Portrait, or,  Unfunky white - and black - people

22 shots

 Top comment on above: ' Wow, he sucks at everything, even his favorite sport '

OBAMA: 'Kamala Harris is, by far the best looking Attorney General' comment raises eyebrows, including...

Perhaps the First Lady, who Refers to Herself as a 'Single Mother' Same Day:

 Why do we poke fun at Obama? Because he deserves it: Current Obama Stats

 - 50 Million Americans living in poverty

- 20 million children living in poverty (that's one in five kids)

- Food stamp distribution increased by 48% to 48 million people with 20 million kids

- 14 million people on permanent disability

 - 90 million Americans not in the labor force, or about 25% of the country -

- Nearly double the national debt than when Bush left office

OBAMAS'  GREATEST HITS ! From White House Soul Party to Michelle's 'Single Mother'

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