Thursday, November 7, 2013

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILLY GRAHAM, Inspirational Talk from 1998

 11-7-13 HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the leading US religious figure of our time, BILLY GRAHAM, 95 years young. Here is a talk from 1998 speaking at a technology conference near San Jose, CA He says that it's not technology that's the problem but the people using it. He also talks about death and the myth today that technology will keep us alive. People never think of dying anymore as they view youthful images on screen, rarely older ones..'The greatest surprise is the brevity of life... but it does not have to be that way' depending on how one believes...specifically one's believe in faith and God... New ROAD TO SUCCESS STORE - featuring Reviews of 'Success' Motivational Multi-media - Books, Music, Movies, Posters

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