Thursday, May 8, 2014

Anti-Israeli President Given Holocaust Humanitarian Award by Hollywood

Anti-Israeli President Given Holocaust Humanitarian Award by Hollywood


Movie mogel Spielberg and others, many of them Jewish themselves,  last night presented the most anti-semetic President since WW II   humanitarian award of the year in Hollywood last night.  Spielberg, who directed the holocaust movie Schindler's list , Jeff Katzenberg, David Geffen and and other Hollywood mogels - many of whom are Jews - have taken the Holocaust to curry favor  with the President as if he were Oscar Schindler  himself. IAmerican jews should be outraged by this. 

Meanwhile, Obama has done nothing about the Nazis, again on the warpath in the Ukraine nor has he done nothing about the slaughter of Christian girls  in Nigeria other than a small non-military team sent out recently 'to talk.'  Hollywood has taken the holocaust to serve their own needs, whatever they be -Money from Obama?  Spielberg's own father was a bombardier in WW II and yet he used the holocaust and Obama for their own purposes whatever they may be.

Others in the audience included Barbara Streisand, Bruce Springstien, Samuel Jackson. In his speech, Obama pushed his usual agenda of gun control, climate change, etc.    Pelosi, Reid and other Democrats were there in an apparent fund raising effort, using the graves of the 6 million Jews killed by Nazis to their political benefit, in our opinion.

If you agree that this is ATROCIOUS  please spread the  word