Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Pat Boone Drops Bombshell in Impassioned Radio Call


  Pat Boone Had A Dream Though he claims not to be a 'birther', Pat Boone came onto the Alan Coombs radio show and more than stood his ground while backing up his anti-Obama sentiments with empiracle evidence. He cleverly couched his thoughts that came to him in a 'dream.' The surprisingly geneal Coombs -give this liberal commentator credit for having Boone on the air to announce his 'secret.' Did you happen to hear Pat Boone on the Alan Coombs show Monday? It was not only interesting as Coombs is a very left-leaning commentator and Boone is a Christian, very right-leaning entertainer not afraid of giving his views which go against the liberal-leaning entertainment industry. Leading the way was the 'birther issue', just one of many points to which Boone alluded. He said that he has knows of strong evidence that points to a phony birth certificate that Obama paraded out for the media and he that 'there will be proof' of such 'by November.' Boone admitted it would probably not mean much as , by law, one is allowed to be born in a foreign country as long as the mother was born ini the U.s. But, he said it's just another check on a long list of things that Obama has not shed light on. He noted that Obama hasn't even released any of his grades or school informantion , the only president not to do so, according to Boone, but which Coombs disputed. Whatever your political persuasion - as in Pat's great song, 'Friendly Persuasion ' hear it all for yourself - a sharp 80-year old Pat Boone expound: Now for a little fun, let's hear Pat with a rare, unlikely song he recorded in 1964 with the production of Beach Boy Bruce Johnson and Terry Melcher, ' Beach Girl' as we welcome summer