Monday, September 8, 2014



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New report out - take it for what it is but probably at least some truth in it:


5) Oakland 



2)Washington DC 

1) San Francisco

Can't argue with these except I would have expected to see a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles being up there, too.  Snobby Cities,Top 5 SNOBBIEST CITIES, snobbish cities

Not to get too political here, but note that these are all liberal cities where people can often be intransigent in their views, where political correctness reigns despite that liberals profess to be open-minded and transparent.

It goes along with seeing, in our opinion, for example, the San Francisco Giants baseball team continue to get away with things that teams in other cities couldn't, including their 'manipulation' to win at all costs - including pushing out their former CEO after winning the 2012 World Series and several others including popular announcer Hank Greenwald, long-time trainer Stan Conte (who left after tiring of Bonds getting away with his own agenda over the teams' and even the beloved pitcher Brian Wilson's departure, to 'sell out' every game for the past two three years (even if they're not truly sellouts), not to mention half the team appears  off and on 'the juice' as the Giants have been doing now over 20 years, in our researched opinion, published elsewhere

The Giants may have , purportedly , among the top announcers, but  'homers' constantly questioning umpire calls that go against the Giants as well making fun of other teams 'inferior play,'meanwhile always looking the other way over the years, hardly mentioning  known and un-published player use of performance enhancing drugs (the Giants are, by far, the 'Steroid Kings' having had over 23 INDICTED players since Bonds and continue to acquire previously KNOWN PED users (such as Michael Morse just this year) despite the team owner's half-hearted pledge to stay away from such due to the team's known reputation. If it were New York, Boston or other cities, we wouldn't see this yet, with a liberal, 'accepting' local media nobody questions the repeated 'September Surges' we have outlined elsewhere . We could go on but this is just one example of San Francisco's 'snob' bias, or whatever you want to call it...


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