Sunday, May 31, 2015

Getting Older Is Inevitable - Aging Is Optional

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AGING  -  How To Reverse It, Naturally

Getting Older Is Inevitable - Aging Is Optional

We're not talking plastic surgery, here. 
Believe it or not, you don't need it as you can change your inside AND OUTSIDE
quite a bit by your attitude and beliefs....besides


An 80-year-old can think 'younger' than a 25-year-old,  and actual recent studies have found that such thought processes can translate to ones health and physical being. There are chemicals in the body, like cortisol , which can have a physical affect on one's body based on mental issues.
If one is stressed, feeling old or even negative, it CAN come out in one's physical health and appearance.
Much like 'You Are What You Eat,' ' You are What You Believe ,' both physically and mentally

Try This :
1.  Don't Ask Others' Age and Don't Tell Others Your Age
This may sound strange to people, at first, but think about it...
Society has programmed us where we should be at a given age.
Do not put 'restrictions' and pigeon-hole someone based on someone's age
just as you don't want others to do that to you

2. Don't Be Defensive About Your Age
Don't say things like 'I'm Dating Myself'  or other put-downs based on age
which our youth-oriented society has almost subliminally programmed us to do.

3. Don't Celebrate Birthdays (as in numbers)

Instead of celebrating a number, which increases every year, why not, instead, celebrate your favorite things and your accomplishments? You can still celebrate, but don't put the emphasis on that number but, rather,  the   important things of your life.

Think back to your favorite times of your past. You can live and celebrate those, again!
That trip you took when you were 35... that favorite, forgotten restaurant you used to go to -
or something as simple as re-visiting an old favorite place, friend or something you haven't revisited for years! Most things you can still do. We're not  telling you to live in the past but to do those things that you most enjoy. LIVE YOUR BEST DAYS AGAIN and AGAIN.

4.  Live As Eternal
STOP saying your age
STOP celebrating your chronological number
STOP holding onto grudges and negative thoughts
START celebrating what you have accomplished!

People Today Don't Know How to Live.
Rescue your life - Don't be afraid to break away from society's callings. 

says Dr. Christin Northrup

You can change your thought processes and truly feel and look younger , if that's what you want.
Don't let  your old thought processes and old baggage keep you down. 
Dr Northrup expounds on the topic in her new book, 'Goddesses Never Age.'

Let's not forget to mention actress and comedienne Betty White,  pictured above.
Now in her 90s, she's acting in the 'Cleveland' TV series and living well and probably better  than most. Her four fellow 'Golden Girls'  passed on years ago but, God Bless Her, White continues to thrive, perhaps the pin-up person for getting older gracefully.


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