Tuesday, March 19, 2013

IS OBAMA LAZY? Plus Obamacare future and new Benghazi reports

"OBAMA LAZY". 'Lowly' reporter had nerve to ask Prez secty. jay Carney 3/18 if Prez Obama can continue to take lavish vacations like the recent golf date with Tiger Woods, which cost in the multi millions. Carney merely answered that Obama is basically doing his job, working hard, without really answering the question.

Fox head Roger Ayles has called Obama lazy and Obama , himself, admitted to being lazy in an interview with Barbara Walters, which might answer the above question at least in part. This from our PRESIDENT!!!


Doctor Gotlieb says 'half ' of doctors will leave private practice next year since 'Obamacare' will not pay what they will if doctors work for clinics and hospitals.


reports of hacker sending emails from advisor Sydney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton to 100 politicians and reporters. Nobody has yet to divulge exact contents of memos.. Could get more interesting if they do..

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