Monday, March 4, 2013


When President Obama first ran for office he encouraged the young, lower and middle classes to work hard so they can 'make it' in our  capitalist society where
people are rewarded for their individual efforts.. httP:// for Dictator tshirts and more . At the same time he was asking for 'CHANGE,' his main rallying cry as he ran for his first term and became President.

Turn the clock ahead four years - or even three years, pre- 2012 election: President Obama NOW wants to keep things easy for the underclass, so they will not only favor him and government policites  but when their time comes to be heavily taxed,  long after the sequester and continued government taxed burdens,  they will be so heavily taxed  it will be cheaper and easier for them to simply leave the work force, as many have already done, and live off the
government, much like is done in communist countries.  This nation will be so deep in debt that the prospect of  ever seeing true capitalism again will be only a pipe dream.

A small wealthy class (bourgeouse), ie Obama and/or leaders who follow him,  will control while the masses (proletariat) will follow
in lockstep  living in near poverty but their  lives will be basically taken care of. There will be no longer  inspiration to work but to drink (vodka?) and live off the dole (and not Bob Dole) just as there was  in the Kruschev era (before Russia dissentegrated worse).

The way things are looking now that is what America has in store. One man's  make that many people's opinions.