Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Kudos and Brickbats: Jay Leno and Rolling Stone Magazine

KUDOS: JAY LENO remains perhaps the only major figure in entertainment to continually 'tell it like it is,' as they used to say.. when it comes to our government and any topic for that matter, no matter the political persuasion. . Last night , was typical where he commented on Edward Snowdon's possible new 'instructions' for our Government:

BRICKBATS: Rolling Stone Magazine, which once again has gone out of its way to put not only controversial but Anti-American story and  image on its cover, this time a 'celebrity' pose of the Boston Bomber from his own cell phone /twitter account, and a largely sympathetic story  of how he came
to do the evil deed - as if it wasn't his fault.

Add only slightly lesser brickbats, while we're at it to
KIM KARDASHIAN  for her extreme tweet  against the
Zimmerman-Martin jury verdict, as well as to
STEVIE WONDER, who has promised not to perform
in Florida and other states where the 'stand your ground' law is in effect, believing it compromised the  Zimmerman-Martin trial. He took time from a concert to make the announcement.
If he doesn't like the law why not try to get it changed.
And , about Kardashian the most famous person for no good reason along with Paris Hilton - would she even be famous if not for her famous late father/lawyer/friend to OJ Simpson during the Simpson trial?

While we're at it, what happened to the time when entertainment and politics were kept separate much like politics and religion. Today, we see more and more celebrities enter the political arena, often without really a scintilla of knowledge of what they're talking about. And, Magazines like Rolling Stone spend more time on politics than the subject on which the magazine was founded, MUSIC.  (Don't you just love going to a concert to hear some good music only to be harangued about the artist's personal agenda?)