Monday, July 15, 2013

Media Made Martin-Zimmerman Case a National Issue, Now Government Piling On

Attorney General Eric Holder Shares his Concerns
- What happened to court system justice?
Media Scrutiny is important, but sometimes it goes too far - and jeopardizes civil liberties.

It appears that the media doesn't like the verdict, after already forcing the case before a national audience.
Last week when there was a terrible air crash in San Francisco, much of the media was still fixated on the Martin-Zimmerman case instead of covering a big  story that day. The media and government collusion has become so pronounced,  one wonders, at this rate,  if justice will have a chance in   this and other cases, anymore.

First, the Florida legal system's findings were overturned, with the help of President Obama's statement that if he had a son he would look like Travon Martin - and then the media ran with this. 

Second, trial ensues before a national audience and after what seems to have been a carefully developed trial, with a jury chosen by both sides, the media and government are still not satisfied.  President Obama made a point of saying that it's not his place to comment (which he already had earlier) - and he didn't have to say a word,  but he's basically commenting now through: 

Third, Eric Holder, Attorney General, who's threatening a new, civil trial. 

It  reminds me of the bully in school who had to always have his way, regardless of the rules. The problem is that these are adults who  run our country!

And, we're seeing this same process now throughout society, one example that especially rankles me were the findings of city administrators  in Atlanta and other big cities, who weren't happy with (mostly minority) student test scores so they just went and upgraded the scores on their own.