Tuesday, June 30, 2015

MARRIAGE EQUALITY - ' What Difference At This Point Does it Make?'

MARRIAGE EQUALITY      -                
' What Difference At This Point Does it Make?

I remember not long ago when most clergy had a difficult time marrying two people  not the same religion.  Even at the local  reform synagogue JUST 20 YEARS AGO, the Rabbi   refused to marry two people not  of the  the Jewish faith.  That was a big deal , and most clergy within the Catholic Religion and Jewish religion REFUSED to marry two people of different religions just 20 years ago. Imagine asking them  to marry two people of not only differing religions but of the same sex.  Only twenty years ago that  would have had priests and rabbis fainting in the streets. But 2015 is a different day. People are smoking marijuana legally in some states. One third of the potential work force is NOT working but living off the government doe, including  welfare, food stamps and disabillity.  

Flash forward 20 years and now it's about marrying people of the same sex.  My question is 'What is Marriage?' I thought marriage was ONLY about marrying opposite sexes with the idea of giving birth to children and raising them, preferably of the same religion.

Now, we've lost not only the religious part   but the sex part of it. I'm wondering what is next? Just like the South losing their confederate flag, which means so much more than race. Next thing you know the American flag will be a thing of the past (which it is already in some places) just as the Pledge of Allegiance has been banished by most schools and institutions.

It's nice to be 'open' and  try to be free and fair and all but it's getting to the point we're throwing all rituals and rules out the door. There won't be anything left to live for except self greed. It will be totally 'Do Your Own Thing' Sodom and Gemorah regardless...

At this point, if you're going to let two people of opposite sex, opposite religions marry why not open that up to people marrying their pets?  As divorce is up, Many today love their pets more than they do   humans?
If you're going to start making radical changes why not go all the way and make everyone happy? At this point What difference does it make, as that great philosopher Hillary Clinton once said after hanging up on a phone call that could have saved the lives of four  soldiers  about to be killed in Libya. .

On the other hand, why even bother having marriage? Just keep giving everyone  person     personal benefits, as we're seeing already by the latest American administration.  Why bother with marriage credits? Just give the individual whatever he or she wants, whether it be food stamps, welfare, marijuana - which is already happening anyway.  Marriage is way down,anyway.  One hundred million or a third of the population is no longer in the work force - more than ever before.  People are more sedentary and fatter than ever . Robots are taking over and people seem to be -   happily - turning to mush before our eyes,  getting pretty much whatever they want. 

With all the good stuff why even worry about being married. You don't need it anymore. You're getting all the bennies already.  Not where's my Doggie?