Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Trump May Be Best Presidential Candidate - No Pandering to Donors, Big Business

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Trump   Best Presidential Candidate -

 No Pandering to Donors, Big Business

He may have been a laughing stock last election and then added insult to injury by quickly dropping out of the Presidential race. But, now,  in 2016, Donald Trump, who  offers many advantages over other candidates.

Last week names like Scott Walker, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush were leading the polls on the Republican side among the large slate of candidates. Then there was the 'trade bill' vote in which the above mentioned seemed to take the expediant path, bowing to big business/corporate interest that pays for much of their election costs.  We saw Marco Rubio in bed with big sponsor Oracle.  Few  candidates can afford NOT to take such sides.

However, it's refreshing when a candidate can truly move to his own beat. Yes, Trump is very rich, as we learned from his financial report, but maybe that's not such a bad thing.  Thereby he (or she) doesn't have to pander to donors, lobbyists and special interests - and corporate sponsors.  You're unlikely to see Trump flip-flopping on issues with the wind, as we're seeing in so many others.

So, we say, so far so good for Trump. Without going in to specific issues at this point,we'll just say 'so far so good.'  We know he's a business man and is for the interests of his fellow business people, and NOT supporting overseas trade when we have people here in need of jobs.   He says we need change 'NOW' and  he's right as America appears in shambles on both domestic and foreign fronts.

Hopefully, Trump will stay in the race this time and we'll see him continue to put forth a strong , independent message - probably the closest to do that since Regan or billionaire Ross Perot, without all the baggage . If anything, perhaps Trump is TOO honest, even going after top Republican pundits George Will and Krauthammer.  

If not, there are a few others who seem to being more independent and bucking  the politics. Those would be Dr. Carson and perhaps Rand Paul and even Mike Huckabee.  Possibly Ted Cruz. But, we need to do a little more research here.

Most of these candidates are so insulated they won't even appear on their own party's TV and radio programs. Trump's not afraid to appear on any and all.The more the merrier.

Trump May Be Best Presidential Candidate -

 No Pandering to Donors, Big Business