Monday, May 6, 2013

Face the Nation Surpises with Benghazi Lead Story - This Week Ignores It

Face the Nation Surpises with Benghazi Lead Story - This Week  Ignores It

      It came as a bit of a surprise that the the normally left-leaning Bob Schieffer and Face the Nation ran the Benghazi coverup Whistle Blower story as its lead in. Not so surprising was that George Stephanopoulis and ABC's  This Week not only didn't feature the story - and didn't even mention it !

Suddenly, with so much mounting evidence of a real administration cover-up
it appears the liberal media is finally caving - at least in the case of Sheffer
and company and some others.

Schieffer featured Darrell Issa,head of a new investigation,
 who spoke of   three 'whistle blowers'  who were part of the State Department
under HIllary Clinton at the time,   recently coming  out against what the Administration has had to say - or NOT   say about Benghazi. The three all worked closely with the slain Ambassador Stevens in Libya.  According to Issa, Mr. Hickson, one of the three , expressed dismay that Stevens' own  words, 'We are under attack' (at the embassy in Benghazi), were ignored when spokesperson for the State Department, Susan Rice,  went on the Sunday morning programs following 9/11/13 with the rationalization that a video prompted the attack. Hours earlier, according to Issa, Hickson  f had clearly told the State Department about a terrorist attack that had nothing to do with a video.Hickson says that nobody contacted him to corroborate Rice's new 'talking points' before she went before the national TV viewers.

       Hickson stated further, through Issa, that even the leader of the Libyan
government had corroborated the terrorist attack. Hickson considered it an extreme
embarrassment going against the Libyan leader (of which the U.S. administration has been,
supposedly, supportive after orchestratiing the overthrow of former leader, Khadafi).

       Issa believes that Secretary of State Clinton thought that by reporting
the true story would reflect badly on the administration (with President Obama's
reelection only a couple months away.  

       Hickson and the other two whistle blowers - who have apprently come out on their
own - will testify Wednesday before Issa and the new committee. The committee was formed
after these new whistle blowers came forth. The previous 'official' Benghazi investigation,
controlled by Democrats seemed  to go nowhere, with Hillary and company stonewalling
time and again, refusing to even talk to key witnesses including these three who will be
speaking this week.  A couple other of
the new committee representatives were on the program including a Republican legislator, Mike
Rogers, who called it 'catastrophic' and a 'very bad  decision'  by the Administration ,
jeopardizing our security, which did result in four deaths, one a highly prized ambassador,
who spoke on several occassions about the need for better security around him and the
Libyan embassy. The Democratic representative on hand said the usual, non -commital
statement , that we must 'wait until all the facts come in.' It would appear the facts
have come in from three first person witnesses on hand in Libya at the embassy at the
time of the attackes.

       What a juxtaposition to see Schieffer and CBS lead with this big new important 
Benghazi coverup breakthough  while having Stephanopoulis and ABc'S THIS WEEK totally
ignore the story during it's hour. Not even a mention, unless we missed a sound bite/
However, This Week spent a good 25% of the show interviewing and talking about the
basketball player who recently 'outted' himself as 'gay' - an important story but
it could have waited, what with the critical situation currently in the Mideast.