Friday, May 10, 2013

General Patraeus Instructed Romney Campaign Not to Talk About Benghazi

From Geraldo Rivera we learn that recently fired General Patreaus had told  Candidate Romney not to bring up Benghazi during his campaign for President. (We know how he suddenly dropped the subject in the last debate, which may have cost him the election against Obama.)

According to Patreaus, the Benghazi talking points were changed 12 times right after the terrorist
attack, from the real reason to the 'video' excuse. Patraeus was told to go with the video excuse
when asked about Benghazi.  All references to Al Qeada and the CIA were left off the talking
points.  Obama had been saying, in recent political speeches, how his administration had 'cleaned
up' Al Queda and telling the truth about Benghazi would be seen as a setback for his campaign
for President.

On a separate issue...

The IRS now admits (Lois Lerner) and apologizes that conservative groups were
inapropriately targeted, asking about their activities and such. No disciplinary
action will be taken, says Lerner.

 General Patraeus Instructed Romney Campaign Not to Talk About Benghazi 

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