Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Worse than Watergate - but most Americans today aren't even aware and media don't care!  

But, most who DO care feel Benghazi is much worse than Watergate.
Not only do you have the four deaths but you have several levels
of betrayal and coverup by the Administration:
- BEFORE the attack not having enough security at the Libyan Embassy
- DURING the attack refusing to allow for more security asked for
  by Mr. Hicks, second in command. No special forces, no Navy seals
  and the Generals noted below were refused and later fired!*
- AFTER the attack and the major coverup, from  the phony video
  excuse and people like  Hicks were told by Cheryl Mills,
 chief council attorney to Hillary Clinton, and others not to talk to Rep Chafetz on the Oversite Committee

DID YOU KNOW OR FORGET?  Add to the above the following:

Rear admiral Charles Gillette(sp)  fired on the pretext of using profanity
  in public setting and using at least two racially insensitive comments(!)
Major general Ralph Baker
General Carter Ham (sp)
General Kip Ward  

Why? Because they wanted to come to aid of the Benghazi victims

Of course we know that decorated General Petraeus and another general
were conveniently let go or forced to resign just before the election
for 'womanizing.' What convenient and unlikely timing for these most
respected individuals.

- US Military in Libya were not  properly protected , even after frantic calls, which resulted in four deaths
- Government has not been forthcoming with what happened in Libya - and has lied  in many instances
- The perpetrators haven't been brought to justice, as promised by administration and it doesn't
  look like they ever will.

Need to know:
 - Who told Susan Rice to lie to American people re 'video'
-  Who was involved in changing the 'talking points' (video, etc)  and
-  Who was responsible for trying to stop the whistleblowers from talking
-  What did President Obama, Hillary Clinton and other top officials really know?

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