Tuesday, May 14, 2013


NOW 3 SCANDALS and Counting...

1) Shades of Watergate with yesterday's API Press Wiretap latest scandal  - Even Dems are upset as wiretap affects them.  Twenty major press phone lines were tapped, according to insider reports*Amazingly, MSNBC's Rachel Madow gave a lot of coverage to this and other scandals last night.  Where exactly the 'leaked' news came from is of interest, perhaps an Obama insider finally tired of all the apparent mistreatment   ,  'lies' and coverup going on

2) Yesterday Obama said the IRS  going after   conservative groups 'if it happened is reprehensible' and the usual line about doing a thorough investigation, etc.  The operative line from the IRS 'apology' is that it was done by a low level worker. In fact,we are finding out it was NOT a low level worker but someone or people right in Washington. Not hard to figure that out.
It was too well orchestrated to be done by some underling on his own.

3) Benghazi-gate we all know about by now. Obama, in his press conference yesterday, continues to
    deny a coverup, claiming he said it was a terrorist attack right away , Sept 12, in the White House garden briefing.. It's all semantics - the truth of the matter is he did mention the word 'terrorist' in a general sense of  the administration ' not allowing any terrorism '        after going with the 'video' excuse in the earlier part of the news conference.

Good chance a democratic insider, fed up with all of this or at least being
wiretapped,  is spilling the beans. Let's see what happens next and make sure,
they are help to the fire.

What's really fascinating is that Obama,   Holder of Justice Department , Pelosi , Boxer and other Dems are
coming out to say how serious the IRS scandal is and how it must be thoroughly investigated.  They may
be the ones on


Pick One:

Like this if you think we should have Select Hearings on Benghazi ...