Monday, July 15, 2013

Jean Quan Does It Again - Thousands More in Oakland Trashing, No Arrests

I love Jean Quan, the mayor of my former city, Oakland, CA, coming out with her usual tired and cliche, hollow promises regarding yet the latest violence in Oakland, this time it's the Martin-Zimmerman verdict: 'Unacceptable and won't be tolerated.' Well, she sure tolerated this one, with zero arrests and the downtown trashed, again, much like during 'Occupy Oakland' or whatever they called it, where she was actually marching with the demonstrators, at first, until THEY even treated HER badly. Now it looks like she doesn't know where to go or who to befriend - OR WHAT SHE'S DOING.

 She only won the mayorship due to a new form of voting in Oakland which allows runners up to win based on total number of 1st place, second place and third place votes. Great city Oakland with a   sad , sick infested government. (Quan is not the only one, with Desley Brooks the other latest purpetrator with her apparent illegal actions regarding the construction of a swanky teen center in her East Oakland district. ) Jerry Brown was a rare gem  as previous mayor, compared to what's in there now - and before. He rebuilt the town, which is being torn down again. We wonder how much longer those , poor, new businesses can and will put up with this nonsense. Not just the trashing, but losing business on top of it.

Jean Quan Does It Again -  Thousands More in Oakland Trashing, No Arrests

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