Thursday, July 9, 2015

San Francisco Supervisors Yet to Address Kathryn Steinle Murder Biggest News Story, Even After Confronted by Top News Medium

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 Number One Cable Channel News,  Steinle Murder By Illegal Alien  Ignored By SF Board of Supervisors

Even with the top-rated cable TV's 'O'Reilly Factor' spokesman grilling them,the same San Francisco Board of Supervisors that helped make it possible for a five-time deported illegal alien felon  to kill an innocent citizen totally ignored his presence and spent more time in their July 7 meeting addressing local Starbucks issue  than the Steinle murder case now gripping the nation.  None of the 11 supervisors including Mayor Ed Lee would comment or even make eye contact with  reporter Jesse Waters  in a city known for it's tolerance - so tolerant it's sanctuary status would allow an illegal from Mexico with seven felonies to return five times to San Francisco and eventually murder an innocent 32-year old woman visiting San Francisco with her father and then pass it off as if it were just part of being a sanctuary city, i.e. where normal folks' lives are perhaps less important than those of  illegal aliens.  Fox News, Illegal Aliens, Jesse Waters, Kathryn Steinle, Mayor Ed Lee, O'Reilly, San Francisco Board of Supervisors, San Francisco Sanctuary City, 

Reporter Waters addressing San Francisco Board of Supervisors with picture of murder victim Steinle

 San Francisco Board of Supervisors - had nothing to say to Fox's Jesse Waters  re. Steinle murder
by convicted Illegal alien who returned to San Francisco five times after being deported

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee - another proponent  of San Francisco's Sanctuary Status

San Francisco Sherriff Ross Mirkirimi says that he was told by ICE (Government Immigration Bureau) that  he didn't have to detain illegal alien 

Meanwhile, local citizens interviewed by 'The Factor' seemed almost as 'disconnected' or non-plused by the biggest news event of the year in San Francisco as were the Board of Supervisors. Even Mayor Ed Lee did not respond to Waters request for a brief interview

Talking Points Memo 
Will the Feds Finally Hold San Francisco Accountable?
The murder of 32-year-old Kate Steinle in San Francisco has outraged the nation. So far about 150,000 Factor viewers have signed a petition demanding the federal government incarcerate criminal aliens who return to the U.S. after being deported. That will be known as Kate's law if it gets passed. But it's just the first step in many we must take to secure the nation. Tonight we'll lay a plan to keep the country safe.
Confronting The San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Guest:Jesse Watters
We sent Watters to San Francisco to confront the city's Board of Supervisors about the sanctuary policy of not deporting illegal aliens. We'll show you the tape of the powerful confrontation tonight and talk to Watters about what folks are saying about this situation in San Francisco.
The Criminal Alien Problem
Republican Andrea Tantaros and Democrat Julie Roginsky also opined on criminal illegals and sanctuary cities. "To have Senator Dianne Feinstein say she wants to propose legislation to prevent this from happening again is such a lie," Tantaros declared. "She added an amendment to a Senate bill that would have allowed cities like San Francisco to not be penalized for not reporting illegal aliens. Republicans could also pass border security bills and dare President Obama to veto them!" Roginsky contended that immigrants should not be punished for being here illegally. "Treat them the same way you treat any American who commits a felony - put them in prison for the felony they have committed. Only the killer is responsible for Kate Steinle's death." The Factor concluded, "Critical mass has been reached, the system is so chaotic and broken that the populace is not protected."

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