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Direct Mail a Close Second

Online Advertising Most Favored Medium for 2009 Among Business and Consumers and The Addition of Coupons Give Sites like a Mighty Wallop -
Marketers Reject Traditional Mass Media Advertising in Favor of New, Less-Expensive Media

Consumers Plan to Spend over One-third More Money Online This Year connects consumers searching for value online with latest Web deals With both National and Local Deals, Discounts, Bargains and Savings Information

LAFAYETTE, California July 10, 2009


BUSINESS: 26% of Small Business plan to spend more on advertising in 2009 - especially online - and another 60% plan to spend about the same as in 2008, according to a report from Ad-ology Research (October , 2008), this despite lower ad budgets and 97% of business owners having ‘some degree of concern’ about today’s dismal economy.

CONSUMERS: A recent survey by Nomensa found that 36 percent of people plan to spend more money online this year and 89 percent of respondents believe better prices can be found online.


Business-wise, in terms of 2009 spending on various media types, more than half of small business advertisers plan to spend the same or more on the following: Online advertising (69%), Yellow Pages (54%), direct mail (51%) and newspapers (51%) according to the Ad-ology study. Broken down by specific media, 44% of respondents ranked online advertising as most effective, followed by direct mail (32%). Yellow Pages and newspapers, which were once advertising leaders , dropped to 28% and 27% , respectfully, in popularity.

Consumer-wise, according to comScore Media Metrix, coupon sites were the fastest-growing online category in November 2008, up 32 percent from October to 35.6 million visitors. comScore's "State of the US Online Retail Economy: Q3 2008" report said that 62 percent of responding U.S. consumers who decreased their shopping expenses in October 2008 were using coupons more often to do so..

Despite plans to increase spending in some areas, the research also reveals that small-business owners are increasingly questioning whether mass media advertising (newpapers, yellow pages, TV , radio, etc.) effectively reaches their desired audience. These advertisers understand the importance of being top-of mind with their customers, and they agree that advertising plays a crucial role in the future of their businesses

In a down economy, retailers of all sizes face the challenge of staying afloat and weathering the storm. As more consumers make purchases online, savvy merchants are attracting online dollars with exclusive Web coupons, deals and promotions.

The biggest factors for small-business owners in making the decision to select specific advertising vehicles are rates (50%), proximity to business prospects (48%) and doing what the company has always done (41%). -
One of the Few Coupon Sites To Offer BOTH National and Local Discounts and more

Since last year, Yellow Pages Coupons, a free online resource for reliable, trusted coupons, coupon codes, discounted name brand products and services, has seen a 400 percent increase in the number of promotions retailers and services are offering on its site. Meanwhile, has seen a similar 4x increase in web consumer traffic to the site.

Unlike other coupon sites, is not just a listing of ‘affiliate’ offers but a true multi-media ‘Savings Site’ featuring both National AND Local businesses, both retail and service. Macy’s,, Walmart, Itunes, Petsmart,, Walgreens, Orbitz, Sears are just some of the hundreds of national coupon sites listed at Local coupons include restaurants, grocery, automotive (smog check, limo airport transportation coupons, etc.), home service (housecleaning,, landscaping, etc). , professional (dentists, chiropractors, etc), entertainment, personal care,etc. primarily in the San Francisco East Bay Area, where we originate from, but we are accepting local ads nationwide and plan to have a base of local coupons in each of the 50 states, accessable from a clickable map. evolved naturally out of our parent, Coupon Country Direct Mail, about five years ago. As marketing seems to be moving from print to online, Yellow Pages Coupons has rapidly been increasing its viewership among consumers while adding business coupons / mini-websites daily. is NOT just a coupon site but a Savings Information ' site – a Recession-Fighter site,if ou will - featuring freshly written content , including tips on using coupons, healthy, money-saving recipes, cheapest gas stations, etc. We include a money-saving 'events' and 'news-link' section with up-do-date savings venues and informnation. Though there is affiate marketing , it is less than half the site's content, being shared with hundreds of local coupons/mini-websites and other fresh material, most compused/edited by us.

Coupon Country ( ) was begun by us 28 years ago (the internet part of it 10 years ago) as a cooperative direct mail business whereby small business could afford to compete with the 'big boys' in targeted, local coupon book mailers, by sharing postage and other costs among the 10-20 businesses within each mailer. has become a successful website, linking to whereby consumers can now retreive the (mailed) coupons ONLINE. Advertisers are now getting THE TOP TWO AD MEDIA for about the same as they were paying for direct mail before.

For one low cost – less than 4c per address- Coupon Country designs, prints, mails and pays postage for individual flyers in targeted, attractive and color coupon book mailers to 20 different locales one can choose from, of 10,000 addresses per area. (See MAILING SCHEDULE on website.) A FREE WEB Coupon site at YellowPagesCoupons is included when one mails with Coupon Country. Thereby , one is advertising in the TOP TWO Ad Media for 2009 – Online and Direct Mail!

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