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Whenever the San Franciso Giants get in trouble they go to their bag of tricks, or shall we say, favorite players nobody would expect or SUSPECT.  Arias? Scutaro? Blanco? How do such no-name or over-the-hill players suddenly become GIANTS, if you will,  in September and October, year after year? They just beat a better team, the Cincinatti Reds and they'll do it to you, too, St. Louis - and there may not be anything you can do about it until MLB and/or your team management, MLB and / or fans wake up and see what's going on.

The Giants did it in 2010 and nearly got away with it in 2002 - under dusty baker, no less - barely losing to the Angels in the World Series. in 2010 it was sudden heroics by unlikely figures like Renteria, Uribe, Ross, Mota ,m Wilson(?) and Guillen (before he was kicked off the team by MLB) but by then the damage was done. Guillen had 'infected' so many players, even though his own three late season game-winning hits were enough to propel the giants past San diego to the Western Division title. There were probably others, too, though only Guillen and Mota had been caught by MLB - and as Victor Conte says (and you can't go against him on this): you have to be dumb or dumber to get caught now with the new designer PED of choice, testosterone)   last year, Beltran's secret sauce didn't quite develop and other last minute injuries and problems kept the Giants out of it , but this year Sabean and Co. were right back at it, acquiring late season 'Latin Connection' Scutaro who went crazy on the juice, hitting .350 for the Giants in his two months with the team at age 37, after never hitting over .299 in a long career in easier ballparks to hit.

Then this year, there were the aforementioned 'Latin connection' of Arias and blanco, who also had their best seasons with career best homer outputs, along with Pagan. Of course the Melkman, Melky Cabrera, dumb or dumber, as he might have been to get caught, got it all going with a league-leading average while injecting new life, as it were, into the new crop of players, turning them from no names to sudden stars. Hard to find a player in the starting lineup hitting under .270, except Hunter Pence, who just got here. Give him time to pick up on the secret sauce. Of course, the local fans love it. could care less how the sudden stars happened in the country's most liberal city where 'anything goes.' Same for mangement, Sabean, Baer and Bochy, who are most responsible for their decade-long 'look the other way' approach - and of source Selig, the commish, for adding to the mockery. And here's the science behind it all:  

 PED PLAYERS FUEL GIANTS' STRONG COMEBACK IN PLAYOFFS ONCE AGAIN Ever notice that two-thirds of the  San Franciso Giants'  starting lineup is comprised of Latin players: Scutaro, Pagan, Sandoval, Blanco,Arias (when he plays) and Sanchez (when Posey plays first base) and Cabrera (before hewas banned for using an illegal substance) . As for pitching, there's Mijares, Casilla, Mota and Romo. These players have mostly shown a surprising increase in production and numbers after joining the Giants as compared to their previous team(s). In Saturday's playoff game against Cincinatti, the only non-Latin player to get a hit was Pence in the 8-3 drubbing of Cincinatti by the Giants. Playoff tickets, New York Yankess playoff tickets, San Francisco Giants Playoff Tickets We only bring this up because the same thing happened in the World Series year of 2010with names like Torres, Uribe, Renteria, Guillen, Ramirez, Romo and Mota, again. We find it more than coincidental that these players would suddenly sport significantly improved numbers once joining the Giants. Perhaps not so surprising when you note what  we call the 'cockroach infestation' theory,  where PED (performance enhancing drugs) players, already on the team, are attractve to these new, fellow Latin players - willing  and wanting to boost their own performances like the players to which they look up. The stats for the new Giants speak for themselves, comparing previous years to the current season:  
1) MARCO SCUTARO  - Most surprising increased numbers, this for a 37 year old player     playing in the difficult San Francisco  hitter's park

2)  JUAQUIN ARIAS  hit 5 homers for Giants this year after never hitting one before.

3) ANGEL PAGAN power numbers up since coming to SF with Melky Cabrera

4) GREGOR BLANCO who was red hot, ala Torres in 2012 for first half of season,  hit more homers this year than in all previous seasons combined

5) SANTIAGO  CASILLA  suddenly halved his ERA after coming to Giants in 'magic' year, 2010.

6) JOSE MIJARES , teammate with Cabrera in 2011 in Kansas City and this year , saw instant success like he had at Kansas City . Funny that the Giants would go after another Latin player off Cabrera's KC team? ...and there are other possibles...    Add to this that GM Brian Sabean- never real great at making good trades for 'normal' players - found a new 'secret' source for trades. Ever since the Bonds era Sabean has been able to 'get away' with bringing in known tainted players like Cabreara and Mota. Even if such players ARE caught, Sabean and the Giants still get the benefit of a partial season of success, probably 5-10 game winning hits in the case of Cabrera. Guillen's short stay with the Giants in 2010 when he had three game winning hits was more than enough to push the Giants past the Padres by one game to win the Western Division. As for risk, there is none (yet) to Sabean and the Giants and, as PED guru, Victor Conte says, one has to be 'dumb or dumber' to get caught, what with all the new anti-detection techniques, most notably with testosterone, the current PED of choice among players. That Conte has come out recently stating that 'up to 50% ' of baseball players are using PEDs, according to many baseball players he would not name could be pretty damning. That Conte is  San Franciso local one could  speculate that at least some of his sources came from the local ball team, none other than the San Francisco Giants. Enough evidence yet?
Perhaps baseball really doesn't care nor do other teams (other than Kirk Gibson and
his  Arizona Diamondbacks, who have questioned the Giants' seemingly unfair advantage.
Sure, other teams could probably get away with it - and some probably do - but not to the
extent of the Giants, Kings of the PEDs for over a decade now. But most other teams
probably rather not deal with the fallout and possible reaction that the Giants have
received to some extent, thought not what it should be. How can one watch and appreicate
a team like the Giants when knowing peformance -enhanced players have affected outcomes
of a number of games in the Giants favor.  Perhaps in liberal San Francisco the Fans
Don't care. Even manager Bochy stated that a player like Mota deserves a 'second chance.'
How's about a third? ( He has been convicted twice of PEDs yet the Giants took him back
again. (The ironic thing is that a player like that would probalby need to continue on the PED
of choice to maintain his performance. Perhaps Mota, afraid of 'strike three' has gone off
the drugs since his performance since rejoining the team has been far from spectacular.

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