Sunday, December 30, 2012

For Hillary, 3 Strikes - She SHOULD Be Out!

We all know that HIllary Clinton will step down from her role as Head of the State Department next month. Instead of going out gracefully, we find it rather apalling how she's taking every advantage, stonewalling the Benghazi investigation all the way to her exit --and, much like her boss, she may get away with it.

It all began with the Benghazi disaster , where 4 Americans including Libyan Ambassador Stevens were ambushed and killed due to lack of secuRITY , in October. First mistake of Clinton's - though for her she was covering her butt - she got UN spokesperson Susan Rice to take her place on Sunday morning news shows,  telling the nation that it was a terrible, racist video that set off riots in Libya , Egypt and elsewhere which resulted in the deaths. Many weeks later, of course, the 'excuse' was retracted for terrorist action (which the state department later admitted to knowing of the first day). Clinton gladly 'took responsibility' for the killing - whatever that means and said she would look forward to cooperating in the impending Benghazi investigation - yet she has been, conveniently , AWOL ever since.

First, it was a trip to Australia for a wine tasting in November. Then, after getting back to a little work in Egypt, suddenly came down with a virus, which prevented her , again, from testifying at the Benghazi hearings. Finally, with less than a month before she is scheduled to leave office, she is said to have suffered a concussion earlier this month- without even having gone to a hospital - and has disappeared again from more hearings. Too many coincidences for me. If the concussion was not bad enpough where she didn't have to go to a hospital you'd think she could still testify.,. Sounds a lot like Obama and his own delays, holding back the Petreus affair and Drone issues until just after the election. .
And to think that Clinton is the frontrunner in the 2016 Presidential race

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