Wednesday, January 23, 2013


HILARY CLINTONOutgoing secretary of state Hillary Clinton wants not to worry
about why the Administration did what it did
but to find the criminals
who committed the murders and to ask them what happened (as if they would have any idea what went on with the US admin behind the scenes...
Clinton says that her investigation of Benghazi has been thorough yet
she says that the results are very complicated - too complicated to go into
during her little time on the stand - and , in effect, they still don't have
the answers as to what happened within the administration's doings behind the scene.
- Hillary doesn't like to do Sunday morning News shows. Perhaps if she had bit the bullet
on this important occassion she could have saved herself and the world a lot of grief. On the other hand,
maybe she knew too much she didn't want to say. Or, she could have at least consulted
with Susan Rice and helped her with the talking points. Such an important issue and
so little Hillary
THE ARB Out : How many times did Hillary mention 'the ARB,' the investigative report
than came out of the government. Whenever she didn't want to say something she
simply referred to the ARB.

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