Tuesday, May 21, 2013


The recent Washington Post ABC  Poll asking how it's readers rate Hillary Clinton's performance
as Secretary of State  is a typical skewed barometer of people's true feelings.  Typical example of a bogus poll by a biased medium. You need at least three choices to accurately register
 one's true feelings. If given only two choices people will usually go with the affirmative, as in the case
with the Hillary poll. Alot of the people who said they approve only did so because
given only two choice and neither hating her performance or loving it they have to go with
one, and most people will go with the positive as in this instance. Had the poll given
at least three choices to more accurately weight peoples' feeling you would have seen
something like    Hillary performed WELL as Secratary of State 40%, Hillary performed FAIR
as secretary of State 35%, Hillarly did POORLY 20%. You'd also get fewer 'No Opinions' this
way. But, here we have the Washington Post, skewing its own poll as it sees fit.

Now, if the question  was 'Did her handling of Benghazi negatively affect
 Hillary's run for President in 2016" (Yes, Maybe or No) you'd get more  'Yesses'
 and 'Maybes'  than 'No's'

But, we're dealing with the Washington Post ABC where science goes out the window
if favor of their the newspaper's favor-ite, Hillary.

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