Thursday, November 29, 2012

Obama's $4 million Vacation, New Look Democrats

     It's reported that President Obama will be taking a 20-day vacation
in Hawaii during December. Cost to fly airport one runs $286,000 per two hours.a
When you add the entouruage, helicopters, etc. the final bill runs approximately
$4 million, far more than any other presidential trip in history. This from a
President in the middle of a fiscal crisis. Most past presidents spent their
holiday vacations at home, eg Reagan in Santa Barbara, Bush in Waco. Why three
weeks with the fiscal cliff hanging in the balance? Could it be... Ben Ghazi?


        It's just come out that Susan Rice is among the wealthiest, if not wealthiest
of Obama's front line people. Not that her wealth, estimated at between $24-36 million,
isn't surprising for a relatively young and new member of the administration,
but many of her investments are in Iranian interests. And , by the way, her 'lack
of knowledge' about Ben Ghazi, is similar to an incident in 1998 when she also got wrong
the reasons for major blood shed in Kenya.

        Interesting also that Rice and other upcoming Democrats, like Mel Reynolds
(currently in the race to fill Jesse Jackson Jr.'s chicago Rep seat) are both
Rhode Scholars, yet with less than stellar records. Reynolds, himself was convicted
of sex molestation and other charges.

One must start looking at qualitfications of our new administration members more closely it would appear.
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