Sunday, November 18, 2012

Romney was Right About Obama Gifts but Should Have Addressed Issue

So Romney was 'picked up' again by news reporters in a telephone conference call to his campaigners, telling them that it was Obama's 'gifts' that put Obama over the top in the election.  So, what's with all the criticism?
Who really knew the magnitude of the gifts at the time, nor the probably widespread voter fraud (ie 59 voting zones where not a single person voted for Romney out of 19,000 votes in Philadelphia precincts and more elsewhere).

Politics - Republican Gear In hindsight it's easy to say Romney should have done more - and he should have!  It would still have been a taught battle to win over those pretty intransigent minority and young voters whose food stamp allocation has been nearly doubled by Obama along with welfare and disability increases - and, of course, those FREE 'Obama phones.'  Romney could have - and probably should have - tried to address the Hispanic market, which deep down believes in hard work  more than living off the dole.  He should have come right out and told them that Obama is actually keeping them down with these literal 'Christmas Gifts'. The average recipient is now on some kind of government assistance an average of almost three years!  No wonder people are dropping out, not even listed in the work force, thus another reason recent employment figures appear as though the jobless rate is dropping. 

Obama is often congratulated for getting out his voters.  If you believe in hardball  'Chicago-style' tactics then, yes, he did a good job. It's sad to think that in order to win Romney might have had to resort to the same thing but I'm afraid he would have. Such is the life and times in 2012. If there's any payback perhaps we're seeing it now with Obama's 'win at any cost' attitude coming back to roost by having held back news of Petreus, the drone missle attacks and real reason for BenGazi until after the election.

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