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1) VOTER IRREGULARITIES ala third world:

   A) Unheard of '99% voting turnout'  in Philadelphia inner city precincts with Black
 Panthers overseeing the voting in many cases. Biased Polling Places included murals
 of Obama but not Romney.
   B) Unregulated voting by social email in New Jersey
   C) Much of right-leaning military did not get their absentee ballots. 
   These are just some of the voter irregularites that have been surfacing following election.

2) Obama's 'Dream Act' made way for as much as 3 million illegal voters in this election

alone, not to mention other illegal voting around the country. Illegals actually came
out and admitted voting for Obama.

3) Obama began more bailouts, conveniently, two months before the election, which

   has some affect on job growth, making Obama look better.

4) Obama and cronies stalling Libya Ben Gazi investigation of coverup until after


5) Obama's campaign promoted FREE cell phones in poor areas in exchanged for votes 

   Reported 1 million people in Cleveland, alone, benefitted from the free cell phones,
   which included 600 free minutes a month.

Politics - Republican Gear 6) Obama increased welfare rolls and food stamp distribution months before election
   with proviso that recipients should vote for Obama. 

7) Obama preyed on the youth and minorities with promises of above handouts which

   Romney couldn't match even if he wanted. As Obama didn't really have anything
   positive to promote for his first four years he had to tear down Romney, the man
   via social media so popular among the youth. The social media went viral and
   as did the promises for FREE phones, FREE Obama bucks and such. No way Romney
   could compete with this - or would have the lack of conscious to do so.

8.) Obama took credit for the GM motors improvement when, in fact, Bush paved the way

    for it with a big chedk  when it WAS needed,  in December 2008 before going out of office.
   Bush had also set the groundwork for the one other thing Obama took credit for , the
   killing of BinLaden. 

9)  Obama continued to use Third World Election tactics playing on the 'Pathology

   of Dependency' among the mostly young and poor. It was generlaly, the  the young, poor \
   and illegals who won the Presidency for Obama, not the well read, working class citizens
   who understood the truth about obama. It will be a rude awakening one day for these
   adoring young when they find themselves stuck forever in the new, growing,lower class
   with little hope of advancing in the new Socialist United States.

10) Romney was correct - the 47% intransigents were not going to be moved to vote beyond the 

Democrartic party, especially after being given more food stamps, free 'Obama phones' and 
'Obama bucks' in exchange for votes.    

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So, Romney - or any other Republican who would have run - had 3% to work with, a pretty
difficult task to say the least. And,  with Obama's 'ground game' that somehow got as 
many as 99% of Ddemocrats voting in inner cities like Philadephia, Romney hardly had
a chance, storm Sandy or otherwise. 

One thing the mostly young and / or minority voters who elected Obama will now have to  
content with making $45,000 or so incomes plus benefits with Obama's new system. It's not
a whole lot more than the  n $20,000 minimum guaranteed income for anyone using all their
new benefits including increased food stamps, welfare, disabiliy, etc. The days of  free
enterprise  where incentive and hard work paid dividends and made millionaires 
 are all but over n ow as the United States if following the trends of Greece and
France where,  as the economy tanks so do the masses' incomes;  only a small elite is
making any real income.  

Obama was more about METHOD OVER MATERIAL. Obama's forces rounded up almost any
inner city folk who was breathing and got them to the polls, one way or another,
and not always legal (according to many illegals, themselves). 

The Obama victory reminds me of the recent San Francisco Giants' World Series Victories
two out of three years  where they somehow made it,  arguably, without a top caliber team.
Ownership did whatever it could to skirt issues of talent  for other means of 'winning' -
like rounding up its  largely young, liberal fan base with half price tickets and other
enticements, turning up the PA system and other psychologoical advantages   along with the new
prerequisite social marketing, and, finally, bringing in questionable journeymen players
other teams don't want, who suddenly become 'instant stars' such as the four Venezulelan
players named Melky, Scutaro, Sandoval and Blanco, who suddenly all hit far above their lifetime
averages  or homerun productions, especially late season and  in the World Series -
much like the 2010 team with sudden wonders  like Ross and Torres - more than enough
to allow the Giants to miraculously make mincemeat out of one top team after another
(Cincinatti, St Louis and Detroit and in 2010 Philadephia, Atlanta and Texas). If it 
weren't for a couple big late season injuries to star players the Giants would have
probably won it all in 2011,too.  

It's called 'Win at Any Cost.' Lilke the giants team, which was one of the weakest
hitting teams to start the season,,  Obama brought one of the weakest records ever to 
re-election  l. Both played on   young, impressionable markets, with both being 'bought' in
by perks , whether discount tickets and 'promises' of a world series' or free cell phones
or more food stamps, etc.) Both used social marketing almost to the border of unfairness
with the Giants getting Sandoval on the AllStar team , and others, without big numbers. 
Obama got more voters with questionable tactics, eg an unheard of 99% turnout in Philadelphia's
inner city precincts. And, the 'giveaway' mentality  spreads like wildfire as the momentum

So, it's a different world today. Perhaps old values don't matter as much any more.
A person on American Idol may win more for his or her look than the music. Negative
political advertising can win out over honest, positive  messages. And baseball players
convicted or suspected of using illegal drugs are not necessarily looked down upon anymore,
eg Barry Bonds and Melky Cabrera, who will likely join the Giants again next  year  after
being one of two giants players suspended this season. 

Looks like Kruschev may be right , too, when he said back in 1956 that not only
will Russia ' bury you' (the U.S.) but that the US would become communist through it's 
own leaders!  If not communist yet , certainly socialism is already upon us.   

- - - 

OBAMA ZOMBIES - REPUBLICAN FUTURE: You may have noticed in watching Obama's victory speeches and at the DNC
convention that most of Obama's supporters appear young and/or non-white and are likely idealists,
who have largely made up their minds on issuesat least for the coming years. 
. Assuming it's fair to call them generally lower and middle income folks, it will be tough for Republicans
to have any influence on   this growing group without GIVING AWAY thingS away while trying to make them 
understand how their lives could be shortchanged by relying on government help rather
than seeking the road to success and real personal achievement and the real wealth that goes along with it.
Perhaps this COULD be accomplished with younger REpublican politicians and social networks.

---- OTHER NOTES: -------


It just came to light in a meeting of neurosurgeons that people over 70 needing
neurosurgery will NOT be given the surgery but 'be made comfortable' as it were...

Stuff like this is just coming out as people are learning the truth behind Obama

- - - - - 


It's coming down to who will be left for Obama to take from pretty soon.
Right now, 50% of the population is paying no tax and the wealthy are paying
90% of the taxes.  If they're taxes keep getting raised they'll either have
little left to pay with or will be out of here and then who will Obama go after

Instead of trying to squeeze money out of whoever he can he should be encouraging
the low income to GET OFF government assitance rather than to depend on it indefinitely
(3 years is average now for low income to be out of a job and relying fully on the

 - - -


Now, just following the election we're starting to see, not surprisingly, people like
General Petraus, walk out of the administration. Petraus was a pawn in the Ben Gazi
coverup and certainly wants to get out of there before things hit the fan...
HIlary will probably be next.


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